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- Polyethylene sealing strip with double non-woven fabric 
- Impermeable to water and has water vapour retarding properties 
- High practical stretching and crack bridging properties 
- Resistant to ageing and decomposition 
- Good resistance to aqueous solutions of salt, acids and alkaline solutions 
- The product is alkali-resistant according to the test specifications 
   of AbP Sealing in connection with tiles and slabs and of ETAG 022 
- According to building material class B2

Kullanım Alanları
​- For application in interior areas 
- For use on balconies and terraces (not above used rooms) 
- Alternative sealing strip for sealing under ceramic tiles and natural 
  stone in thin-bed method (e. g. wet areas such as bathrooms, 
  shower facilities, perimeter areas of swimming pools, sauna, 
  damp baths, damp sauna, also industrial areas in the food industry, 
  in breweries or dairies) 
- OTTOFLEX Sealing Strip is a crack-bridging, uncoupling, watertight, 
  alternative sealing strip with nonwoven fabric for safe fastening of 
  the tile adhesive applied